Suede Leather Western Cowboy Australian Bush Hat

This Real Suede leather Western Cowboy/Austrailian Bush hat comes in Black or Brown and can be used as a western hat or is equally at home just walking around in. Ideal for use all year round.

Water repellent with grommets in the crown to reduce head sweating.


Small = approx 55cm

Medium = approx 57cm

Large = approx 58cm

X/Large = approx 59cm

These leather hats will adapt to the shape of your head over time as you wear them more and more, a good initial fit is required so it is advised to measure your head prior to ordering.

These hats may come with marks on them which is a sign of the authenticity of the material as real leather is a natural hide and much like humans an animals skin will scar and show blemishes over time.

Treating of the hat over time will maintain its water repellent properties in conjuction with a regular wipe clean, damage to the hat can be caused when drying so it is advisable to allow the hat to dry naturally away from any artificial heat source and away from direct sunlight.




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