Shires Sweet Iron Three 3 Ring Dutch Gag with Copper Lozenge

       Sweet iron encourages salivation and produces a pleasant taste in the horse’s mouth.

The copper lozenge adds warmth. 
iron bits are designed to oxidise to produce a sweet taste which helps
with mouthing. The copper ribs will encourage mouthing but also ensure
the horse will not take up too much of a contact. 

Ideal for horses that can take a hold.
Sweet iron is made from black iron and copper, this metal then helps to increase
moisture in the horse’s mouth. The compound will slowly oxidise and
rust. Harmless to horses, the oxidation has a sweet taste that horses
like and which encourages salivation and acceptance of the bit.

For best results and care of Sweet Iron bits, always wipe the mouthpiece thoroughly after riding. Not only does this keep the bit clean, but will help to prevent the bit from oxidising when not in use, prolonging the life
 of the bit. Store in a dry place.

The 5″ and smaller sizes of this bit come with shorter cheeks to ensure the bit remains in proportion with the smaller head.
Mouth thickness: 16mm, Cheek length: 145mm (4.5″, 5″), 180mm (5.5″).





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