Rhinegold Zambia Full Neck Waterproof Top Fly Rug

Super functional summer rug which has a 600 denier, waterproof ripstop breatable upper part to the rug with fly lower part.  Belly coverage with 3 surcingles having full adjustment, with side skirts at the front and back for complete freedom of movement.  The front skirt has an elasticated binding for additional give.  The front movement shoulder pleat has elasticated inserts.  This rug also has an innovative design feature in the neck, we have added stretch waterproof material to a section by the withers to give comfort of movement with NO BULKY SEAM.  The rug has a loop of Velcro to attach to a turnout head collar if desired and a larger style waterproof tailguard.

New Side Skirts

New Elasticated Front Skirt Binding

New Elasticated Front Shoulder Pleats

New Style Belly Coverage

Innovative Lycra Insert at Withers for Stretch and Movement

New Style Stretch Fillet Cord.

Belly Coverage with Triple Surcingles

Elasticated Fillet Cord with Trigger Clips

Large Tailguard



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