Clothing Size Guides

Safety Clothing Size Guides/Charts

It is recommended that you use the guidelines in any of the charts and on the illustrations, on how to measure yourself. It is advisable to take actual body measurements, rather than measuring over clothes or taking sizes from existing clothes.

Measurements given in the size guides are for our own brand clothing only.Measurements may vary when offering alternative brand Clothing (Please request or refer to fitting Charts).

The size guides apply to body measurements only and do not match the measurements of the clothing. Clothing measurements will vary according to style, fabric, ease allowance and desired fit, but will fit the body size indicated on the size guides. To ensure correct sizing is ordered customer must request data sheet,size charts from sales
Make a note of the measurements obtained and then click to view the corporatewear size charts or the shirts and unisex size charts , alternatively send us your measurements and we will contact you with your size.

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